E.Johnson Consulting, LLC provides information technology solutions to your business. We will be happy to further discuss any of your IT business needs. Below are some of the many technological solutions available to our clients:

* Business Process and Quality improvement with IT automation to speed up time-to-market, and also provide increase customer satisfaction.

* Effective digital marketing to acquire new customers by strategically targeting specific segment of the market.

* System integration for mobile and web based application & database solution.

* Provide Document and Content management to increase overall business productivity, as well as add value to the customers’ overall experience.

* Cloud Strategy and Deployment – as user’s mobile devices and other types of devices grow and become more diverse, we can work with you and your organization to keep abreast, and also to grow your customer base in a cost efficient manner.

* IT Organization Design – aligning your IT model to meet not only your business goals, but also to be responsive and efficient to the ever changing markets and consumer needs.

* IT Outsourcing – let us help you in reducing and controlling cost by outsourcing your IT functions. By so doing you would be able to focus on your business core activities,and at the same time increase your bottom line.

* IT Strategy – We offer solutions to give you a clear competitive advantage over competitors. This can also be a technological tool for those seeking to turn around the direction of their business.