E.Johnson Consulting, LLC, recommends that its clients outsource the payroll process.  We assist small and medium size businesses to outsource payroll to a full service payroll provider as opposed to in-house processing. Some of the benefits are listed below.

But for those companies that would like to process payroll in-house using QuickBooks, we provide the following technical, and business expertise necessary to manage in-house processing:

  • Payroll Overview
    • Choice of solution
    • The payroll Center
    • All information regarding payroll setup
  • Payroll Subscriptions and setup
    • Setting up of Intuit Payroll
    • Payroll service Keys
    • Setting up of Payroll Preferences
    • Setting up of user access
    • Setting up of Payroll Items (Including necessary customization)
    • Tax tracking and mapping payroll Items to the chart od accounts
    • Payroll schedules
    • Setting up of employees personal and payroll information
    • Entering prior payroll checks and liability payments
    • Schedule Liabilities schedules
  • Prepare Payroll
    • Process payroll
    • Email pay stubs
    • Direct Deposit
    • Pay payroll Liabilities
    • Identify and fix payroll liabilities issues
    • Prepare Stare and Federal payroll tax returns
    • Payroll reports
  • Time Tracking
  • Track time for job costing
  • Set up employees for job tracking
  • Allocate employees time to customers and jobs
  • Time and expenses reports.

Payroll Misc.

  • After the fact payroll issues
  • Payroll check replacement
  • Employees loan and replacement
  • W-2s and 941s and any possible adjustments
  • Deductions – company and employees

Some advantages of outsourcing payroll to a full service payroll services as opposed to in-house processing:

  • Full service payroll providers offer not only payroll processing, but also other benefits such as cafeteria plan, as part of their core business.
  • Huge cost savings to small and medium size business, since the cost of outsourcing is much less that a payroll staff. The annual fees that the payroll services charge in all likelihood would be lest that in-house payroll staff.
  • Increase in payroll tax compliance. Since the services schedule the paying of these taxes in an automated manner, tax obligations will be met in a timely manner.
  • Better internal control and segregation of duties.

Choosing an Outsourced Payroll Provider

  • It is important to go with an established service provider that has a history of servicing other small and medium size companies.
  • We look at the provider overall services. Excellent customer service is important, as well as timely responses to emails and phone calls. Furthermore; as your business grows you may need additional HR and benefits services. We look to seek if the provider can meet those future growth needs.
  • Provider will need to make available reports for your records, as well as for tax and financial preparation.
  • The established firms keep abreast of changing technology and regulatory changes.
  • As for price, the various providers are all fairly competitive.

E.Johnson Consulting, LLC can serve as your consultant during the out sourcing process.